Old Oak Whiskey Jamaican Rum Reserve


In the heart of Jamaica, the sun shines bright and warm, casting its golden glow upon the rolling hills and lush green forests. It is here, in this land of endless summer, that Old Oak Whiskey takes shape. 

Each bottle of Old Oak is a unique blend of smooth caramel, aged in the finest Jamaican rum casks. These casks, imbued with the warmth and character of the Caribbean, lend a distinct rum flavour to the spirit within. 

So take a sip of Old Oak, and bask in the warmth of Jamaica's sun. Let the smooth and mellow taste of the whiskey, enriched with subtle rum flavours linger on your tongue, and feel the emotions that only a truly exceptional whiskey can evoke. 

Strength 40% / Volume 70CL / Style Triple Distilled