In a world filled with action-packed movies and adrenaline-pumping stunts, few names stand out as prominently as Jean-Claude Van Damme.


Known for his incredible martial arts skills and charismatic on-screen presence, Van Damme has been a global icon in the world of cinema for decades. But now the actor has taken on a different role as businessman, becoming a partner in a product he loves.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, said: “I was looking for my own brand of whiskey, possibly an American bourbon and then one of my close friends and Business associates  asked ‘why an American whiskey when you can go back to the  roots of whiskey and find an Irish whiskey’."

“He then introduced me to the Old Oak whiskey label which had yet to be launched and had been put together by some Whiskey aficionados in Ireland"


Jean-Claude Van Damme quickly resonated with the idea of being part of an Irish whiskey and also connecting with the rich history and legacy of Irish Whiskey.

As Jean-Claude further explained: “ It was also the perfect opportunity to combine two things with which I feel a close connection …namely whiskey and its rich heritage and the charisma and warmth of Ireland and its people. As I have discovered over the years if you want to be in the presence of genuine people and also have some fun then be in the company of an Irish person”

After further tasting Old Oak whiskey he realised that this was the right whiskey for him.

“I loved its aroma and the smoothness on the palate compared to the more heavier whiskies I had tasted from different parts of the world “

We are proud to partner with world renowned actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, who’s passion for perfection and attention to detail make him the perfect representative of our brand. Join us in raising a glass to Jean-Claude Van Damme and the legacy of Old Oak Whiskey.


Creating exceptional whiskey is an emotional journey, one that requires patience and care. Our whiskey making process process is a labour of love, allowing the spirit to mature and develop a unique character and flavour that is both complex and delicate.